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Really Worth a Look

Garrett in Victoria
>In the past few weeks we have added literally scores of articles and tips to the WoodCentral Articles&Reviews Department. Particular thanks are due to the febrile, creative minds of the folks on these boards, the generosity of people outside WoodCentral who give us permission to use their work, the organizational abilities of Dan Donaldson, and the remarkable HTML skills and productivity of Rod Peterson.

There are good reads and great information here for everyone, whether making flat or round work, with power or hand tools.

The pace of additions is such that we have more than another 50 new pieces still in process, including a wonderful article from the totally blind woodworker Ellis introduced last month describing how he uses all the power tools we do with no special gadgets or help. (When he wired his barn, the only time he needed sighted assistance was to tell him the colours of the wires!) The best news, however, is that there is no indication that the flow of useful material is slowing.

Two new items of particular note: "A Shop-built Drum Sander" (in Power Tools) with excellent photography and description, and "The Golden Ratio" (in the Shop section) explained fully with its history, application and some advice on easy ways to apply it.

It's like having a free magazine subscription to some of the best and most relevant information around. (And if you have a wireless laptop, you can even take into your "personal reading room".)

Enjoy! And check back regularly by clicking on the flashing dot on the maroon menu to your left.

Cheers, Garrett

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