Turning Archive 2005

making wooden faceplates

Andy in Raleigh
>The spindle nuts thread picqued my interest by mentioning that the 1"-8tpi nuts were easy to come by and I picked up a couple at the borg for about $5 with tax. My plan is to trace a nut onto a piece of 4/4 oak and use the scroll saw to make a near perfect hole for it with just enough minor imperfections for epoxy to hold the nut in place. Then after the epoxy cures I will mount it to see how much the spindle sticks out and drill a recess for it in another piece of oak that I will epoxy onto the first piece with the grain perpendicular (sp?). Once that cures, I will clean it up (round and sand the edges), face it off and it will be ready for action. If the scond board ever begins to wear thin, I would take it back down to the first one and glue a new second layer on. Reasonable? Better idea or something to consider?

I am thinking 4" to 6" in diameter. I would only be turning smallish objects like goblets, small (max 8") bowls and the ;ike. Nothing heavy.


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