Turning Archive 2005

Seized Drive Center (1236)

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>Ran a search in the archives for 2+ years and found zip, but I know I've seen this before. Sold my 1236 to a friend with the proviso that he and his sons get some free lessons.

Lesson 1 in spindles tonight and all went well except when it came time to knock out the spur drive. Sucker is stuck like glue. Yes, I was careful to clean both tapers before insertion. The spindle did get a bit warm and I applied ice to the spur, but no go.

Since I had the lathe for 2 years and that never happened, I'm short on experience.

Will it free up whan the spindle cools off?

I have a piece of 3/8" rod that I could use as a monster KO rod, but I'm leary.

Any Suggestions?


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