Turning Archive 2005


Keith Tompkins
>I will admit, I usually post some fairly unusual turnings....but, that's the fun in turning for me....seeing if I can take an idea and then proceed to make the idea materialize.

I seem to go through creative spurts, where ideas seem to develop out of thin air; when I get an idea, I write it down, otherwise I may lose it completely. I keep a scrap book by my bedside, the best ideas come immediately upon waking.

Many times, I think of a piece, AND the technique I need to make it at the same time. Last Satuday AM, I woke, and immediately sketched four new pieces; not just common hollow forms, but unique pieces. "Signature" kind of pieces. AND a new hollowing rig. I admit, it's kinda wierd when this happens.

Where this comes from, I really don't know. Does this happen to anyone else...part of the creative process, or am I a bit, er......in need of help?

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