Turning Archive 2005

What is Unsafe?

>Easy answer: Anything you have never done before. Remember learning to ride a bike, drive a car, shoot a gun, use a chainsaw? Turning is no different; you are UNSAFE until you have developed the skills needed to do the job safely. While you are learning you may need to wear a hockey mask, wear body armor, run the lathe at very low speeds, turn very small objects, etc.; but that does not mean you need to take all these precautions after you have reached a level of skill where you can do without these aids with little risk of injury. If you are a new turner and haven't reached sufficient skill level you may see veteran turners do things that "appear" dangerous; most likely it is not dangerous for the person doing it but would be dangerous to you. Some people think wearing gloves while turning is dangerous and they give statistics to back up their claims; actually, what is dangerous is wiping the toolrest off while the lathe is running.....with or without the gloves. So to the new turners I say this: give us old farts a break, sometimes we know what we are doing.

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