Turning Archive 2005

radius skew

john Lucas
>I'd like to hear from some of the users of radiused skew. I'm talking about a curved cutting edge. I ground one of mine that way to try it out(several years ago) and I didn't see any advantage at all. In fact I found it harder to use for truing up the ends of blanks with the toe down.

I'm always open to learn more about a tool so hope maybe someone can explain how this is an improved edge.

I've also seen a skew ground with a concave cutting edge rather than the usual flat or convex. Any comments on that. I did use a skew ground that way when I took Don Russells Segmented turning class. He uses the tool as a scraper because all of his bowls are side grain due to the lamination segments he uses. This tool cut with big curls and gave the same finish on that type of bowl that I get from my bowl gouge. I tried both ways just to see.

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