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Re: Jet 1014 capacity

>Thanks to all for your advice and tips. Today, by a stroke of luck, I got a couple of hours on the lathe and tried to rough round the medium size, semi-green, black locust bowl blank (approx. 8 1/2" diameter by 5 inches high)

I started with a lathe speed of 500 as per recommendation but I found that the wood would not keep spinning at top rpm. It would slow down to a dead stop at times. i am anot sure if this was because I was using a small drive center )it did bore its way into the wood) Or if the 1/2 hp motor on the Jet mini just doesn't have the guts to turn this big a piece (which doesn't bode well for the larger blanks).

Eventually I got the blank rounded although I had to raise the speed to 850rpm and crank the tailstock down pretty tight. On Wednesday I will put a faceplate on the rough rounded blank and turn a tenon or face the bottom in preparation for a waste block.

I have two questions:

Is this loss of torque usual for the Jet?

And what speed is recommended for turning a bowl this size?

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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Re: Jet 1014 capacity
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