Turning Archive 2005

What can I expect? *PIC*

Jim K in Trappe PA
>Howdy - this is a newbie question. I got my first lathe in November, and with some help from others got turning some bowls. Everything I turned was green, then coated in Anchorseal and wrapped in newspaper to ripen.

A fellow turner showed me how to make a bowl with the bark still on, and he said to let it air dry -no anchorseal, no nothing. I made three small (5 inch) cherry bowls about twelve days ago, and after 4 or 5 days, I noticed some radial checking in the sapwood, as they dried. I didn't want cracks, so I remounted the bowls. brought them into round again, and cut off the tops, removing the cracks. They seemed pretty dry, so I oiled them with mineral oil, and waxed them with Hut wax. Now my question:

- They are now about 1/4" - 3/8" thick. They have moved a little bit but not much - 1/16" or less in the past five days. Are they gonna move much more? What is the downside to this method (besides them not staying perfectly round?) After turning several green bowls, and knowing I won't see a complete item until summer, this seems the better way to go, for more instant gratification.


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