Turning Archive 2005

Canister Filter for DC

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>This last Saturday, I was up in the Ice Storm fun in Atlanta, and had fun at a nearly empty Woodworkers Show.

One of the Scores I made up there was a canister filter for my 1.5hp Grizzly 1029Z DC. The Woodworkers Choice (TWC) had canister filters to fit 14" and 20" diameter DCs. I bought a 20" for the show special price of $161. The quality of the construction appears very good.

Sunday, I installed it - what an easy job. Take off the top dust bag, Remove the bag hanger, put some foam tape around the DC, Bolt the handle on the filter, set the filter on the DC, and band clamp it. Done. The filter is reputed to be a 2 micron filter.

Here are some pictures:

Here is the inside of the filter before installation.

Here is the foam tape installed on the DC.

Here is the final installation.

I very scientific test (hand over the hose opening & the sound of stuff that had been stuck in the overhead DC tubing being sucked in to the DC) tells me that there is a decent increase in air flow. I admit, some of the increase may just be from removing the old clogged up felt bag. Infact, I turned on the DC with nothing installed (bag or canister) and the draw at the hose felt about the same as with the canister installed.

Here is the other thing I got from TWC (two actually) for $40 each.

I installed it under my #500 lathe, and it feels stable as it was on the floor. I bought the other one for our club Jet 1642. To get it to fit that lathe, we will have to cut the "Long" side tubes, and weld on extensions.



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