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Cherry Branch Vase-Update w/pic

>Hi Everyone,

Well I took the advice of many of you from here and over at WOW and decided to add some more branches to the cherry vase that I posted a few days ago. I'm still undecided about if I like it "completely". I like it enough to submit it to a juried show that the deadline is this afternoon. The theme of the show is "Nature's Inspirations" So I guess that's why this one is going. I've titled it "Waiting for Spring". I don't normally title my turnings, but there is a blank for one on the forms for the show. Here's two new photos along with how it use to look for comparison. As usual my photo set up is never the same twice and it shows here, ugh.

It is 7" tall, engraved with the Dremel engraver and then rubbed with liming wax, then buffed with the carnauba wheel. Final finish is a wipe with Lee Valley Conservators wax. One idea that I'm still contemplating is to carve the opening so that it's not perfectly round. Make it not so refined. Sort of textured a bit like the branches?

All comments are welcome.

Thanks for looking,


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