Turning Archive 2005

Lathe speed

Fred Le Bail
>After asking a few questions about catchs while using a Kelton coring jig the topic of turning speed came up. Several turners have said that I should use 400 RPM. The motor on my lathe is a 1/2 hp (I know that it is small) AC motor and a 4 step pulley system. The reason I would like to keep the motor is that there is a variable speed on it . From 800-2400 RPM ,which works good for normal bowl turning. The big problem is that as the speed is reduced so is the power, so when turning Burls and other off balance peices there is not enough power to keep the lathe spinning at speed.
I seem to remember that some set-ups have an additional set of pulleys between the motor and lathe.
Could someone jog my memory so I can keep up the motor speed and get the spindle speed down to 400-450 Rpm?

Thanks, Fred

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