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goblet (sort of :) - some thanks - more questions *PIC*

Andy in Raleigh
>Excuse the quality of the pic; it was snapped in cloudy daylight with a digital camcorder.

What I made was more of a sundae dish than goblet, not something you see in mahogany very often. I used a smallish blank, still not totally confident that I wouldn't waste it. But this time it went very well thanks to the guidance I received here.

It's sitting on a mahogany beam next to the first attempt from a few days ago. I have several of these beams, which are squares 4.25" on each side. They are salvaged and quite old (not sure exactly how old). As an aside, I have listed some of this wood in the wood exchange Ernie is doing. I am hoping to get exotic offcuts for intarsia (1/2" or more thick and the size of a deck of cards or larger) in trade for a few lengths of it. Most beams are in prime shape. This one has several cracks, which is why I am using it first.

Anyway, I got the shape just like I wanted inside and out, but the end grain surface is rough in spots and remained so even after sanding to 600. The wood is very "thirsty", BTW. After sanding to 600, I wiped on lacquer based sanding sealer and the first coat wicked right in. Within seconds it felt dry to the touch, so I put on more and then "rag buffed" it before parting it off. I sprayed a couple of thin coats of canned Deft.

Any pointers on smoothing the end grain or how to treat old dry wood in general?


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