Turning Archive 2005

Benefit bowl *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>This 12" cherry bowl will be part of the benefit auction for the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association)'s annual event in Southern Maryland.

It is sanded to about 4000 grit with Micro Mesh and then given 2 coats of Watco. 2 weeks later it was buffed on the Beall buffing system. I've been playing with my new carving tools and the bottom has some significant detail compared to all of my other bowls thus far. I kind of like it and plan to expand it to match other areas on the rim on future work.

Kind of hard to give this one away. The profile really worked out to my liking, and the fact that the knot area has a tiny hole, which I choose to not fill, will prevent it from being a salad bowl, so I hope it is used for display only.

Comments/critique welcomed, and encouraged.

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