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So, why did YOU buy a Oneway Lathe?

Round & Round
>I posted a comparison question earlier about a Oneway2436 vs PM4224 and have rec'd a great deal of information.
What I'm looking for here, is WHAT was the deciding factor for YOU when you purchased the Oneway?
I don't want to turn this post into another "which lathe should I get" post, but just mainly want to hear from those that have purchased a Oneway.
Hopefully if there's any lurkers out there, they will take a moment to join the ranks here and comment as well.
Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped out so far. Where I'm located, there are no stores around to actually go and look at these things, so I hope to be fully armed before making a 6 hour drive to Seattle or Portland or wherever my nearest supplier may be. Still waiting to hear from Oneway about their US distributors.

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