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Traveling to Pennsylvania

Sam Dean
>Hi All,

I will be traveling from Bloomington, IN to somewhere around Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York from 2-5 to 2-12. Long story as to the why, but basically we're just going to wander around for a week without any real plans. First stop will be in Johnstown, PA, but who knows from there. Please let me know if you are in those areas and would like to meet up. We're taking the truck, so I could bring along some wood if anyone is interested. I know I've got plenty of Black Walnut and some Sassafras (sp?) and maybe some other stuff to bring along. I am also shopping for a big lathe right now, so if there are any 20" plus capacity lathes on the way I would REALLY appreciate a quick look. Like I said, no plans, a truck with wood, would love to meet with and learn from fellow turners. Feel free to send a private e-mail if you're in those areas and wouldn't mind a quick visit. Also, suggestions of anything else to go to or see would be greatly appreciated.


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Traveling to Pennsylvania
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