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Jet Mini lathe head stock questions

Big Mike
>Jet Mini lathe head stock question

Hello Group, having not used my Jet mini much lately, (Been playing with my new full size lathe) I started to turn a pin and discovered an apparent problem with the barings in my head stock… The motor is working fine but the spindle does not turn freely… it sort of drags… as if the Barings need grease? I can get it to turn but have to spin the spindle by hand to get it going… then when I turn the power of… the spindle stops immediately… can’t be good for the motor….

Before tearing it apart, I thought I would ask the group

Can I grease the Barings? Or are they sealed and need to be replaced, What I am asking I guess is … what is the easiest fix… If I need to replace… can someone tell me where I can buy the parts?

Is there a trick to taking it apart?

(Note the lathe is only about 4 years old… but… my SW Indiana shop (pole barn) is drafty…and cold this time of year… not wet but sometimes condensation is on everything…I sometimes forget to cover with the tarp) I constantly am having to work the ways with sand paper and wax… along with my table saw, band saw table, and other cast iron surfaces… plans in process to build a new heated shop but for now… my old pole barn will have to do.)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give...
Big Mike

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