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Want to turn hollow forms - Lyn help!

Chris K.

Please anyone else chime in as well.


I have read your articles on HF tools and need some advice. I would like to learn to turn hollow forms I have a few people in our club that can teach me but I am not sure which tools to buy. My siuation is this, I own a Delta Midi lathe with extension so I am limited with swing and HP, not really height. I hope to get a new larger lathe within a year. In the mean time I would like to gain some experiance with HF.

I cant decide what hollowing tool(s) to start off with. Should I stay small and go with some 5/16" keltons? I think the sorby mini's are too small (under 3" forms?). Or should I go for the woodcut Proforme, which seems safe and can be added on when i get a bigger lathe. Then of course there is the Sorby multi scraper, price is right and you liked it alot. Can I do some stemware like goblets with this tool?
What should I be planning on being able to turn with the Midi? In your opinion which tool is best for a beginer hollower and is most versitile to get some experiance?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


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