Turning Archive 2005

Threaded holes in Jaws

Barry Irby
>I just got a set of Nova 100mm jaws and they have two holes in each jaw that are threaded. The instructions say they are for mounting "false wooden Jaws". Does anyone use them? They take 6M screws. I can't visualize what they are for. What would you do with false wooden jaws? What would they look like?

On a different topic, Rereading the instructions on the jaws casued me to note that they say "do not exceed 684 RPM." Surely 685 would be safe sometimes? How did they arrive at that number? It can't be one of those "down under" conversion things. Aren't RPM's the same down under and even in metric measurements? They don't have different minutes too do they? This is why men should never read the instructions, Just take it out of the box, put it on backwards and run it too fast.


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