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Requests to edit and delete messages....

Russ Fairfield
>The only way to delete a message on this forum is to send an e-mail request to me, Ellis, or someone else with administrative access to the forum. Some people are having a problem with that taking several hours before anyone gets the message.

We all can say things that we regret when they are seen in the light of day. In conversation, we can hide and hope nobody heard us. When it is posted on this forum, it is there for all to see.

I suggest two (2) simple rules that can solve the problem.

Rule 1
Engage brain before moving fingers.
Do you really want to say this??

Rule 2
Use the "preview" button below the message window, and read before posting.
Do you really want to see this on the Internet??

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Requests to edit and delete messages....
24 hour rule.
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