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"hollowing" a goblet

Andy in Raleigh
>I had a nice piece of mahagony on the lathe last night. A 4" round about 10" long. I was going to make a goblet that would really be more of a chalice, kind of like a champagne glass (not a chamapgne flute). A small bowl on the end of a short stem. That was my plan, anyway. What I ended up with will be a nice salad bowl for one of my daughters' barbie dolls. No stem, diameter down to about 3" and about 2.5" tall (and the base was parted right at the glue block).

So what happened? My weapon of choice was a 1/2" gouge from PSI that has a flute like a spindle gouge and is ground like a bowl gouge. My set includes a 3/8" gouge that they call a bowl gouge and the 1/2" that they call a spindle gouge, but the flutes are both pretty shallow and very similar grinds. Anyway, this works pretty well for hollowing out the "bowl" except for two things: 1 - The sawdust coming from the cut was very hot. 2 - I had a lot of trouble with the bottom/center. It was while trying to clean up the @#$%^&ing little nib in the center that I would accidentally cross center and have the other side push the chisel up, smack the rim and a chunk would fly off. Oh well, I will make an inch shorter - this cycle repeated itself a couple of times and the next thing you know I am almost out of wood! The resultant "bowl" has a bottom center imperfection because I never did get it right. I tried switching to a round nose scraper to clean up and did a little better but far from optimal.

I sharpened the gouge prior to this and it was cutting like a dream on side grain.


-Andy B

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