Turning Archive 2005

Cherry Vase w/pic

>Well here is yet another experiment that I finished yesterday. This hollow is about 9" tall and 4" wide. The branches were scribed on with my Dremel engraver and then rubbed with liming wax. My intention was to get the appearance of snow covered branches. Not sure that I got that across? I think this might have worked better on a darker wood like Walnut. I honestly have no idea what the reaction to this piece will be from others.

I have gotten too close to it and have looked at it too much in the past couple of days to have an opinion. I look at it and think hey that's not bad ....and then I'll look at it an hour later and think....that is weird....and the branches look like an after thought? Do I need more branches? None at all? Is it the shape that's odd? The collar? Is it just right? Is it just because it's something I've never done before that I can't figure it out? Does this ever happen to you? You just honestly don't know if it's a decent piece or not? I'm looking forward to hearing your comments. It only has two coats of Danish oil on it and I'm thinking I won't buff it because I'd be afraid the liming wax might come out?

Thanks for looking : )


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