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Royce Meritt
>This may get a bit long so hang in here with me.

I am inspired by EagleS.C.'s antler/casing pens a few threads down. I have to make some of these. I intend to follow his advise and turn a few basic pens first before I try the antler/casing version.

After doing some extensive on-line research I've managed to confuse myself (no big surprise there). I already own a HUT PRODUCTS 7mm mandrel (I use it to turn a few duck and goose calls.) I assumed I would go there and get set up with the bushings, etc. I need for pen turning.

Eagle S.C. recommended I start with slimline pens. HUT'S website lists what bushings, drill bits, etc. needed for slimline style pens but then when you go to look at pen kits they list the slimline as a "CLICK" style pen! I want "TWIST" style pen kits. Can I get the slimline kit in a "TWIST" style? Or is their "Traditional" style pen (which is listed as a twist pen) similar to the "slimline" style?

Also, I like the rifle style clip that EagleS.C. used and would eventually like to use some of these as well as other "specialty" clips. HUT doesn't offer a lot of these (and no rifle style). Other web sites have more specialty clips but not as extensive a list of pen kit styles, etc.

Help me out of my confusion please. Is there one place that can set me up. What do you recommend? I would rather not order bushings from one place, kits from another and specialty clips from another. Shipping would cost me more than the pens. Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

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