Turning Archive 2005

screws in end grain *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Funny how timing works occasionally. We just had a thread about using screws in end grain and for the first time in memory, I've found it necessary to do something in that fashion. (chicken or egg?)

This piece is the beginning of another in my "bug" series. It will be gigantic in size relative to the first ones, and this block of dry silver maple crotch is about 15" tall. I wanted to turn it off center, and to leave the corners "square" like they are now, so it is very unbalanced. I do not have a steady rest and need all of that extra mass for carving material.

I did try using a tenon with the 4" jaws but it would not hold without the tailstock in place and I needed to hollow this. So I epoxied and screwed a heavy duty faceplate with long screws on. It holds just fine and I'm nearly done with all of the turning on this piece. The 3520 spins it effortlessly and totally vibration free but I turned this at a low speed due to the sharp corners and off balance center.

It is amazing how much time one can spend just setting up a piece to turn!

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