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yet more glue/waste block questions

Andy in Raleigh
>I am have rounded off a few pieces of mahogany from a bunch of old 4x4 (actually 4.25" on each side, so I can actually get a 4" round) beams I have. I am planning to turn some large goblets, small end grain bowls and lidded "boxes" using a faceplate. I read the earlier post about end grain and faceplates and I am planning to go with a small tenon inserted into a glue block.

Most of my other stock is 4/4 and the most likely choice for the block is white oak, because I have a lot of that and it is pretty clear and strong. I also have some soft maple, walnut and purpleheart, but not as much and they are a bit more valuable (at least until I butcher it). I have one other choice - mahogany! At one end of a beam, there is a split and I can easily salvage a few 2" or better thick 4" x 4" blocks from that. If I went with oak, I would either have to only have 1" or laminate.

As far as glue, I have a bunch of epoxy, hardener and thickening powder left over from a couple of boats I built. That would definitely be my first choice for laminating the oak, if I do that, and possibly for attaching the blank as well. I am not in a big hurry and I know that it will hold. I also have white glue, yellow glue and a little CA around. I also have a bunch of craft glue that I use in scroll work that is not suitable as far as I know.

Anyway, my questions are:

1 - Which wood would you use and how thick?

2 - What glue would you use?

I would also appreciate any tips on facing off the block to get it nice and smooth and flat.



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yet more glue/waste block questions
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