Turning Archive 2005

OT - A traitor among us

Fred in NC
>Last September I passed that birthday that qualifies me for retirement and social security. My plans were to retire at the end of 2004, but my employer is keeping me until a couple of projects are completed. That will take a few months. A few of you know that I am a computer programmer or "Senior Software Engineer" with the senior part of the title being quite obvious.

Before my retirement plans changed, I decided to go back to college. Not that I need it, first because I already have a degree, and second because I am retiring. I just wanted to have something to do, in addition to my woodturning addiction, and take some fun courses. I enrolled at a nearby community college.

Now what makes me a traitor, at least in the purists opinion, is that one of my courses is CNC. That also happens to be a metal shop class.

My first lathe was a miniature metalworking one. Soon I bought my first woodworking lathe, and I was immediately hooked. I found however that I was able to do some tooling and make woodworking accessories with the metal working equipment. Very useful indeed!

I want to assure everybody that I will continue to turn wood the conventional way. If I ever make a CNC turning, I will not tell..... I promise!

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