Turning Archive 2005

Okay - Another Waste Block Question

Mark Kauder. Phenix City, AL
>Well, once again tonight, I had a segemented bowl seperate from the waste block. NO, I did not have a catch!! But it has been cool in the shop.

I use Thick CA glue to glue my base layers to the waste block - sidegrain to sidegrain. Kiln dried wood. In both cases the seperations were clean - no torn wood - just the CA letting go.

Couple of questions for you experienced waste block users.
1) Do you think I would do better using another glue - Titebond, Hot Hide (got tons of it since I stopped using it for segmented work)??
2) Should I turn a 1/4" x 2" tenon on the waste block and drill a corresponding mortise in the base block to provide a mechanical advantage, not there with two flat surfaces.

I am tired of trying to re-attach a nearly finished bowl to the waste block, and true it up again.


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