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Bandsaw Blade Resharpening

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Not long ago, I extolled the virtues of the Highland Hardware Woodslicer BS blade for resawing.

Today, I happened to read the Bandsaw Re-saw Band Review in the WC Articles and Reviews section. It too, extolled the virtues of this blade, but noted that it did not last long.

I too ran into this same problems last week. I have probably put 300 linier feet of 1"-2" thick boards through this blade, and I went to resaw a 3" thick piece of Purple heart about 48" long. I think I just burned through it (very slowly, and not very straight).

I figured it was the end of a good thing, but Saturday morning I decided to give re-sharpening it a try. First, I applied a blade cleaning solution that I use for TS blades on it to remove the melted on pitch. Then using the method suggested by Wally Dickerman, I resharpened it in about 5 minutes. Now mind you, this is a 4 TPI 80" blade, so we are only talking about 320 teeth - I would not do it on a 10 tpi blade, though you could.

Wally's method is to just touch a Dremel tool with a grinding tip on it (I happened to us an abrasive cutoff disk) to the outer tip of each tooth (the edge closest to you when the blade is mounted and cutting).

Once done, and remounted, it cut good (and straight) as new.

Thanks Wally.


P.S. Wally is another one of those guys you should not bet on being wrong (like Russ) when it comes to things related to woodturning.

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