Turning Archive 2005

Various bowl turning questions

>This weekend was a big learning experience. I hope some can give some light into some problems I encountered.

First, I received my bowl gouge and can see how much of a difference it is compared to a spindle gouge. Much beefier. Anyway, I seated the tool in my new handle and all went well. The tang didn't quite go all the way in, but about 90% of it is seated.

Then I proceeded to re-grind the bevel to a ellsworth grind. Unfortunatly, after I grinded most of the tool, I realizes the bevel was way too low. So, I had to fix it and, while it was a quick fix, one side of the tool the wing is not perfect. It worked ok, and I am sure after a few more grindings/sharpening it will go back to normal.

Now, onto the questions. My first blank was a very dry 6" mrytle blank. I got about half way in roughing the outside when I had a catch that not only completely stopped the blank from moving, but it cracked my cheapo aluminum face plate. I can only think that if the speed was higher (I was turning it at 450 RPM) it would have turned out worst. Anyway, as I was thinking about this catch, I know I wasn't taking very hard cuts...most were light to medium. Is it possible that I had the tool too horizontal in presenting it to the blank (or the tool rest was too high?)

Is it usually more difficult to turn dry bowl blank than green blanks?

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