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powermatic wheels (longish) *PIC*

john Lucas
>Before my move I promised I'd show you the removeable wheels I made for the powermatic. I got busy with the move and didn't get it done. Here they are. You lift the lathe with a hydraulic jack I got from the local auto store for $16. The wheels the slide under the lathe and you lower the jack slowly letting it sit on the little lip. I wish I had made that lip bigger. When the lathe is lowered it L shaped shelf rests against the side of the legs locking the wheels in place.

I was nervous about the strength of the set up and also had to push the lathe over a small hump so I added 2 C clamps to keep the wheels from popping loose and also to take some of the stress off the Lag bolts.

I rolled the lathe up the 8 foot homemade ramp and into the trailer. Almost bad mistake. The trailer sloped toward the truck almost as much as the ramp went up. It drug all 165 lbs of me down the trailer and stopped at the front. I had just barely enough friction and weight to slow the decent and save the lathe.

If I had to do it over again I would use larger pneumatic wheels. I would make the metal lip taller so it's easier and safer to lower the lathe onto the shelf. I might also use larger and longer lag screws to make the shelf tougher. If I was going to move it often I would drill and tap the upper center divider on the lathe so I could use a bold instead of C clamps to secure the feet. And last but not least. paint it Mustard Yellow.

I think this method would work for most lathes that either have legs that are similar or have a brace that is strong enough to suppport one end of the lathe for the legs.

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powermatic wheels (longish) *PIC*
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