Turning Archive 2005

sponge bowl *PIC*

john Lucas
>I've started making things from wood that people bring me from the family homestead. It seems to be a little niche around here where I can make some money. I don't make any promises of a certain object or size unless I have control of the wood and when it's cut. If they bring me the usual 16" or less piece that was cut last year, all I promise them is "something" So far everyone has been really excited about the results and it tests me to come up with something with a little flair that they will be proud of.

This is my latest "commission". It is a piece of maple. Ideally she wanted an oval bowl. I was lucky the wood wasn't bad but I couldn't keep the bark on. I peeled it off and burned the edge. It looked horrible so I carved away the burn and shaped the edge. Then I took 3 different round Dremel tools and textured the edge. I learned this from Jane Saylor(sp) of Alabama. I think it turned out nice.

I apologize for the photography. I just moved and I think I know what quadrant of the garage has my photo stuff but I sure don't know which box.

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