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Review: McNaugton Coring System and the Jet 1236

Ron in Drums PA
>Iíve been thinking about picking up a coring system for a while. What was holding me back is Iím also planning on buying a bigger lathe. I found that the McNaughton System it will fit on any lathe, so no matter what I buy I will be ok.

A problem using a coring system on the Jet 1236 is itís 3/4 HP motor is underpowered. Luckily there are mini tools available that are about half the thickness as the standard tool. The bad news is they donít come in a kit. So I purchased the standard system with the post, gate and handle knowing that sooner or later I will have a bigger lathe. I also purchased the mini coring tools for use right now.

Using a pin chuck, I roughed out the outside of some plain looking maple and finished up with a 10" blank. With the large curved mini tool in the handle and the post all set up, I took a deep breath and started my approach. I soon as I realized that I should have started with the medium tool, coring was a breeze. In no time I was able to pop out the first core.

On the second coring I decided to start with the small curve tool and again I quickly I had my second bowl. Iím feeling confident now and decide to try one more coring. Unfortunately, since I used a pin chuck, I had drilled the initial hole too deep and my third coring I ended up with a 3" donut. Good news is ďIT WORKSĒ and if I start out with a hole that is less deep I will be able to pop out some small bowls.

I still havet allot to learn, but I feel confident this system will continue to work on a Jet 1236.

Side Note: Although there may not be a big market, I really think it would be a great service for McNaughton to build a kit with the mini tools along with a post, gate and handle.

Thanks for looking

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