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Finish turning dry bowls - - tips needed !

Pete L
>Guys - - Am relatively new to the bowl turning game. Over the past 4-6 weeks, I have roughed out about a dozen Cherry & White Oak bowls in the 8-11" diameter and up to 5" deep. Alcohol drying was chosen, and so far, so good. Will post an update on that process in a month or so when the other bowls are completed.

Question(s) is: How best do I finish turn the dry bowls? First attempt grabbed a tool and split the bowl. Second attempt was successful. Use some wiped on mineral spirits to aid in the cutting. Should I be using the bowl gouge or scraper? If so, any tips, techinques, or links to share?

Currently, temperature here in Holland, MI this evening is 9F with 4-6" of snow inbound tonight.

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