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Supernova 2 question

>Hey all,
just received my new Supernova 2 and have been in the shop fiddlin' with it. Let me say here that I've been getting by with a modified Buck chuck. This is a metal lathe chuck with 6 scrolling jaws. For those interested, the jaws were cut on an EDM machine where I work to form the jaws for tenons. The thing is a behemoth compared to the Supernova and it's worked really well til I managed to bust off a jaw.

Okay, way off topic. The standard jaws with the new chuck are 50mm with a dovetail on both sides (expansion and contraction). There is a lot of attention paid to the expansion mode in the instructions, but zero mention is made of using the jaws with a tenon. What the...?
Am I okay with the standard supplied jaws to use with a tenon? I'm turning up to 12.5 inch bowls, about 5-6" deep.
Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.

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