Turning Archive 2005


Gary Smyth
>I have been tasked to produce a Native American Iroquois type wooden war club. Many of you will call these to mind. It is a 24" long tapering handle haft with a 4.5" diameter solid wood ball shape at a right angle to the handle at the business end. The ball is very much like a ball and claw foot on furniture--one piece with the haft and at a severe angle. It MUST be a single piece of Northeast dense hardwood likely walnut, ash, or hickory. A buddy told me to turn it to rough--as if it were the simplist thing in the world to do. At the time I nodded my head in agreement but I can't think of any way to even attempt such a thing. If this makes sense to any of you and you can picture in your mind, or know the shape I need, I'm open for assistance. Other than carving how would I form the ball section?

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