Turning Archive 2005

Norton 3X Update *LINK*

William Young
>Well I just got back from spending the afternoon in the brand new HD store that opened today close by (1 hour drive). It was like a bee hive in there . There were factory reps on most of the product lines and hardly a place to be found in the huge parking lot..
I got a bunch of odds and ends of WW related goodies that I was either out of or never had before and included in them was Norton 3X sandpaper both in 3 packs and 10 packs and also 3X , 5" ROS disks.
In sheets I got a package each of 100 , 150 , 220 , 320 , and 400. In 10 pacs of 5" ROS discs I only got one each of 150 and 220 which are the grades I use most with my ROS.
I have heard that some HD stores dont stock the Norton paper or only in a few grits.
Let's hope that this is a beginning of them stocking the full line in the stores that have not been carrying it.

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