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Milwaukee close quarters drill

Ed Kelle
>Hi everyone,

I while back I asked about the Sioux drill, and got some advice about putting something behind the trigger to limit the speed of the drill. Since then I have decided to go with a Milwaukee version, simply because it would be much easier to get it repaired in the future. I just checked and the newest version of the drill has a lower max speed of 750 rpm. It costs about $30 more. Do you think that this lower speed would be preferable to use for sanding bowls?

I had gotten the usual 1300rpm version on ebay, and it was new, however it came in no packaging with no warranty and did not work in both directions. so after some hassle I finally got a refund, supposedly it was cheaper and had no paperwork because it was OEM and that is the way they come. After this bad experience, I really do not want to go for a refurbished one either. So I will go to a local store and pick one up, simply for less headache factor if I have any problems with it.

Has anyone used this slower version or do you have recommendations? Thanks

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