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drying roughed out bowls

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Hello I know that this subject has probably been beat to death at times here but I am still learning. I have a new, bigger lathe, PM 3520, so I am turning a lot bigger bowls. I just roughed out two, a walnut and an ash bowl, both 14 inches in diameter. I plan to coat them with anchor seal and then wrap in a couple of layers of newspaper and put them in my house basement which this time of year, in the midwest, in a house with forced air heat, is a dry and warm place. On the smaller bowls, 6 to 8 inch that I previously turned I put the green bowls in a grocery bag filled with wet shavings but this gets kind of out of hand with the bigger ones an requires a lot of storage room and is kind of a mess, shavings all over the basement whch my wife doesnt appreciate.
Does this sound like a good plan? Should I use Johnsons paste wax instead of the anchor seal? I already have a few roughouts that have been given the alcohol treatment but these two blanks have a lot of figure and I want to make sure they dont crack during the drying process. Thanks in advance Jared

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