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Cold shop floor? *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>This is an unsolicited product recommendation.

Someone on another board was talking about how his floor/shop from the waist down was too cold to work in comfortably during the winter. It made me think of the absolutely wonderful heated floor mat that I have, and that no one should have to suffer cold feet (or legs) with this simple, pretty inexpensive product available.

Linked below, it is simply a heated floor mat that produced a nice warm radiant heat that keeps your feet wonderfully cozy, and naturally radiates heat upwards around your legs, too.

I keep mine at the foot of my lathe since that is where I spend most of the time. My floor is much too cold to stand on during the winter, even with a standard floor mat my feet get uncomfortably cold before long. The price on this website is $55 but it is worth at least double that!

It warms quickly, runs on very low wattage and I have forgotten to unplug it overnight without burning the house down. It only gets warm, not hot, and has a built in thermostat. I doubt I could more highly recommend this product for those in a similar situation.

Hope this helps someone. Link below.

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