Turning Archive 2005

Norton 3X Sandpaper *LINK*

William Young
>Is Norton 3X sandpaper as good as I have heard it is . ? . There is a brand new HD store opening tomorrow that is the only one within an hours drive from me. All others are 6 hours + drive. I have been told that HD carries the Norton 3X product. I will be looking for their sheet goods as well as 5" ROS discs.
There are a bunch of others supplies I need that HD carries as well so guess where I will be all day tomorrow. :-) Jan 20th .
I have only been turning for about six months and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I just sold my Jet mini lathe today because I outgrew it and I got a full size one a few weeks ago.
I have belonged to WoodCentral for a long time but mostly as a lurker in the general WW forum.
A good freind just invited me to check out the turning forum here. This seems to be quite an active one compared to the other 3 or 4 I am presently in.

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