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Shoes for turning?

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

The thread below about smocks got me thinking about what shoes I like to wear for turning and was wondering if others have shoes they prefer to turn in? For me, I don't mind shavings and dust down my shirt, but I *hate* it when I get shavings and stuff in my shoes. In the summer I wear shorts and it cannot be helped, but in the winter I've found a solution that, for me, kills two birds with one stone.

My shop is basically unheated. I have a small electric unit I use on chilly days, but if the outside air temp is 35 or lower, I just don't go to the shop. But on long pants days, I have a pair of sheepskin boots that are fabulous to turn in! The sheepskin keeps my feet warm and since they are boots, I can just blast my lower legs with the airhose when I'm done and voila! clean shoes! This is so much nicer than having to take off my sneakers and clean them out at the end of every turning session, plus it keeps shavings off my socks and out of the laundry :)

So what about anyone else, anyone have favorite turning shoes?


Even a little snow means home early in Apex, NC!!!

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