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Replace your OWN power-pack...

Peter Teubel
>I fellow woodturner and good friend of mine had a 3M Power Visor with a dead battery pack....would only last about 5 minutes run time. With nothing to lose, I told him to just open the battery pack and replace the cells. They were simply 3 AA NiCad cells. He replaced them with 3 NiMH cells. He tested the unit and it ran 13 HOURS! Even with a brand new 3M pack, he'd only get 4 hours.

So for those of you with dead battery packs for anything, rip them apart and see of the cells are standard size and replace them yourself. Hey, its dead anyway, so you've got nothing to lose. You'll have a unit with FAR better performance than stock.

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Replace your OWN power-pack...
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