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Superb new tool rest *LINK* *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Below is a pic of a new tool rest I received last week. It is an upgrade/replacement for a 3/4" diameter one I have from BestWoodTools that has developed a weird vibration in it after a year or so of constant use. I figure I finally sanded/filed it down to just the point where it has acquired somes strange harmonic.

I wanted a beefier rest, and totally coincidentally, Bill Grumbine pointed me to this guy at http://www.monster-wood-tool.com/ .

He made me the rest below. It is a 1" diameter round steel rest, 11" long and jointed at 4" and 7" lengths. It has a 1" diameter post for my lathe's banjo.

The rest is more than rock solid. It is absolutely fantastic, and appears to be made of a steel that is a little harder than the other one I have, it deforms nearly not at all, but is still a bit softer than the tools are (a good thing).

I don't recall the price, but it was definitley not prohibitive. The additional machined support is an added mark of quality. I will buy from this man again.

Website linked below.

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