Turning Archive 2005

New Turning - First Drink *PIC*

Raymond Overman in SC
>Green Cherry Burl with Mahogany lid. ~4" dia. 3.5" tall. I apologize for the poor picture quality. I'm concentrating more on my turning techniques than my photography.

This is the first turning that I gave a drink to after roughing. I let it take an alcohol bath for about 4 hours and then wrapped it in brown paper after I let the outside dry. I finished turned it and coated it with watco danish oil. This picture was taken immediately after a second coat of oil the second day. No cracks at that time.

Some slight cracks have appeared since after 4 days but nothing outrageous and easily repaired.

My wife doesn't like the lid but I do. I've seen similar in other turnings and think it fits well with the cherry.

What's your opinion?

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