Turning Archive 2005

Florida symposium

David Galloway
>I am at the hotel after the second day of the Fla. symposium. This is a superb gathering, well planned, hosted by a great group of folks. I basically sat in Mahoney's seminars all day today.What an amazing turner! I have added several things to my arsenal as a result of this workshop.
One thing to mention: the importance of good video operators. I was in two seminars yesterday that were virtually unwatchable due to the laziness/lack of concern of the volunteers. Today, we had an agressive camera person who put us right in the action. He worked the entire time. At the end, he and I agreed that the way to do this is to have a live cameraman who is moving, several set cameras, and a director who plays with the switcher. I have come to clarity that the video folks are almost as important as the demonstators. It is irresponsible to have untrained video operators who do a bad job so that the majority of the attendees can not see the cut. I hope that we all will be more thoughtful about this. I am going to volunteer for camera duty for the AAW symposium next summer. Great job Florida!
David Galloway

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