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>I just took shipment on 100 chrome BS-1 stopper cones from Augum's Pen Works. I placed the order with Augum's who are located in Ca. on 1-12-05, the order arrived today in NJ, 3 days.

These cones are identical to those sold by Penn State, all the way down to the fact that they come in those little white boxes. Recently I purchased 100 cones from another company and they were shipped with the silicone/rubber seals separate from the cone itself, rerquiring you to take an extra step putting them together. The ones from Augum's are already assembled, same as PSI.

Best news, besides 3 day shipping is the cost. In lots of 100 the cones are $1.70 ea. with total shipping charge of $12.95, the order total was $182.95. This is at least $35.00 less than any competitor that I've purchased from and even cheaper than PSI which has raised it's 100 lot price to $2.20 ea.

Just thought I'd pass this along, it's always nice to save money, get quick service and accurate shipping quotes which actually appear on the website. If any of you order from Augum's and have a problem, feel free to complain. I'm not financial vested, emotionally attached or connected in any other way to this company and won't feel compelled to defend them and attack you if they don't satisfy you.

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