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'ectric chain saws

>Following up on some of the generous advice given regarding wood sources, I am wondering about electric chain saws...in lieu of a bandsaw. (Iknow...but I'm doing the best I can with the space given to me)

Is a 16" bar too long? What about horsepower? I do want an automatic oiler.

I have a Jet mini lathe and although I might pick up quite large pieces I need to be trimming logs to managable size for the Jet. I need to rough cut the wood so that I can mount it on the lathe and rough turn it without destroying a bearing in the process.

I see 4 hp Muccullochs ranging from about $100.00 for a new one to $60.00 for a slightly used one. I new Remingtons at 3.5hp starting at about $60.00.

What's a good reliable, not necessarily "best" brand? I probably won't be using it more than once a month or maybe even every couple of months.

Thanks...again and again...

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