Turning Archive 2005

Sharp vs "Bite"

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Many of us like a 60 or 80 grit wheel for sharpening our bowl gouge becasue it gives the tool more "bite"; just like a serrated edge steak knife. A 120 grit wheel will get the tool sharper but the gouge will have less "bite". There are times when I want my edge sharp and there are times when I prefer the "bite". I put a Japanese waterstone wheel on my Tormek and put a polished, super sharp edge on my bowl gouge and found that it wouldn't cut. I think Mike Mahonney uses a 46 grit wheel for his gouges. Skews and other tools are a different thing, the 120 is better for those if you have another grinder handy; if not, a good all around combination is an 80 grit AO on one side of the grinder and a 60 grit on the other. A cheap second grinder with the original wheels for roughing a new tool is a nice extra to have.

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