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question and back door gloat

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Hello: I have had a Delta midi lathe for 3 years, bought a supernova chuck for it and turned, due to the size limitations of the lathe, a lot of 6-8 in dia bowls. The capacity of the chuck was never an issue. Now, like a kid in a candy shop, I want to turn as big of a bowl as I can, since I got my new PM 3520 lathe up and running. I have the standard 50mm jaw set and use it in the expanding dovetail mode, since that is the way I always did it on the midi. According to the literature with the chuck, 12 inch diameter is the maximum capacity for those jaws. Is that a practical limit? It looks like I need the 100 mm jaws to turn a bigger bowl or is there some way to safely turn a larger diameter with the 50 mm jaws?
By the way, I ordered the PM3520 from Osolnik Machinery and it was a very smooth transaction. It was to be shipped on Jan 3, and it was. It arrived on the 6th as promised, in good shape with no damage just like I was told it would. It works good. I have turned 4 bowls on it and it runs smooth, has a lot of power and does not vibrate at all. I didnt ever realize when using the delta midi how much it would be vibrating, even though I had it bolted down to a heavy bench.
Now I need a bigger chain saw, riser block for the band saw, etc, etc, etc.
Thanks in advance Jared

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