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RFI filter for am radio interference

Wayne Cooper Charlotte NC
>Mark Kauder posted an excellent review Sunday about Oneways RFI filer for $50.

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to contribute something. In the past I have only been 'sponging' off of others knowledge :>)
I have a Jet Mini and had the same problem with AM radio interference this weekend. I ask our Electical Engineer here at work to do some research. He came up with one for $2.00 or 10 @ $1.75. Here is his message:
www.allelectronics.com or 800 8265432
Cat #FTR-42 is a 10 amp- 120v, Corcom 10EC8 -- has computer type power-cord socket on line and pigtails to the load. . you should be able to mount it inside the lathe frame or wire it on your bench to a 110 plug for any tool.
Mouser has the original for about $30.
Some one ask, if I would check with him about 220 volt lathe, here is his response:
Not quite as clean, but you could use two - one on each 'hot' leg of the 240. Be sure to respect the 'hot' and 'neutral' of each filter and be sure if the case is metal it's on the ground side.

This won't provide as much suppression as one designed for 240 because it's missing the components between both 'hot' legs that one designed for 240 will have. But it's not $50 or $75! You can add a 0.01 microF, 600 volt capacitor across the 240 to see if that helps.

"After writing this, I realized that these are probably rated for 240 since most computer power supplys work on 120 or 240. Just wire it correctly, again respecting the ground."

http://www.surplussales.com/Feedthrus/FT-EMIRFI2.html has 3 amp / 240volt for $8.00 each.

Thank you for a great group of people on WoodCentral. Wayne Cooper Charlotte, NC

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RFI filter for am radio interference
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