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First Turned Square Plate (Question) - Pics

Wayne Cease - Atlanta
>Whoops! I posted this in the wrong forum, so I'm copying it here.

Here is my first turned square plate. I got the idea for this from a message posted by Dave Smith back in December.

Dave, how do you sand these? I could sand the bottoms on the lathe. The center of the tops I could do on the lathe as well. The corners just shredded the sandpaper, which I held loose so my fingers would not touch the corners.

Do you sand them off the lathe; ROS, hand, other? After shredding the sand paper, I just did the center and then pulled it off the lathe and did it by hand. They still need some more sanding as I can see some circle marks from my turning.

These are unfinished cherry. I need to do a little more sanding, then oil and buff them.

Click on the images to see a larger version.


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First Turned Square Plate (Question) - Pics
Hand sanding is easier on the lathe.
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